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Engine Hood for Construction Machinery.

  • The iron plates in a hydraulic press mold the shape of the exterior.

  • 3D laser cutters perform the piercing and trimming.

  • Set the parts on the inner side of the exterior cover on the positioner,weld automatically by the welding robot.

  • The workmen fit up the parts which are exterior cover,door-hinge and fine.
    The parts which is difficult to be welded by the robot such as exterior covers and door hinges, are welded by the hands of experienced workmen.

  • Before proceeding, cationic electrodepostion commences, followed by powder coating and paint correction.

  • How powder over-painting.

  • After the painting process,assembly of sponge sheets, hinges, springs etc is carried out as the last proceedure.

  • Functional inspection of the parts assembled in the assembling proceedure and exterior appearance inspections carried out by authorized inspectors before delivery to the customer.