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This is the operator's cab.

Assembling process of the medium-sized wheel loaders CAB unit.

  • Ready assembled parts ("sub-assembled" parts) and sheet metal are set together with variant pipes into a unit of floor & ceiling and then the main welding into Cab frame is carried out.

  • Assemble the covers and the plate into the CAB frame, make the exterior part of CAB. Cover and plates are put onto the Cab frame to form the exterior parts of the Cab.

  • After give the sheet metaled CAB black electroposition, add the final coating of paint and complete beautiful exterior. After the black electroposition procedure, final painting is done.

  • Air conditioner is installed together with operation levers and other consisting parts.
    At the last process, glasses are set and various adjustments are done before final inspection by authorized inspectors including shower tests to check the leak.